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Fun with slime--



At TLC Preschool we are committed to walking beside our parents as they nurture Christian faith in their preschool aged child, while laying a solid foundation for learning, ultimately preparing them for kindergarten readiness. Additional goals include:

  • Instilling respect, love and an excitement for God’s Word; building upon connections of everyday life;
  • Expanding each child's sense of awe and wonder of their world;
  • Experiencing different art mediums, with the ‘process’ as the end goal instead of the product;
  • Emphasizing a love for learning through enjoyable, developmentally appropriate curriculum and experiences.

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TLC INTRODUCES its new 2 year old classroom

How do you make an award winning preschool even better? You open a classroom designed specifically to serve the developmental needs of the younger toddler! Trinity's TLC Preschool has done just that. Places are still available--Call 520.836.2451 to register your child today!

TLC Preschool 2s and 3s Winter Concert Feb 7

TLC Preschool 2s and 3s Winter Concert February 7, 2019

TLC Preschool Concert Feb 5

TLC Preschool 4s and 5s Winter Concert February 5, 2019

Knock Over the Presents

Celebrating Jesus' Birth at TLC Preschool's Christmas Party December 2018

Catch the Bell
Snowheads Fly! A great STEM activity
Merry "Fishmas" (fishing for candy canes)
All smiles, no broken bones!
In the Doctor's office...
How many bones tall are you??
LOTS of little future farmers enjoy FARM DAY at TLC Preschool

Officer Anderson has the attention of all the kids

When I Grow Up...

Ready for Action!

We got to meet the Sherrif's Department and it was so cool!!

And we got to see the Casa Grande Fire Department

& their amazing Firetruck!!

June 26, 2018: YeeHaw! It's Wild West Week at TLC Preschool!! Time for a ride on Champion!

Christmas 2017: TLC Preschool Singing for Parents at Trinity Lutheran Church