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Welcome to TLC Preschool!

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Welcome to TLC PRESCHOOL! 

At TLC Preschool we are committed to walking beside our parents as they nurture Christian faith in their preschool aged child, while laying a solid foundation for learning, ultimately preparing them for kindergarten readiness.  Additional goals include: 

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What Parents are saying...

Last week, I went to have lunch with my daughter. She asked and even though I had a very crazy day; the guilt every working mom faces prevented me from saying no. It was a very pleasant meal; full of noise and energy only small kids can achieve.  I just saw the way my daughter delighted in my presence and all the other kids were happy too. “My mom came!” she said like nobody noticed. The teachers smiled with kindness as they acknowledged my daughter’s comment.

I just observed the dynamics. The teachers eating at the same time, no time wasted.  Sometimes standing, sometimes seated and all of them paying attention to every eventuality. Some spills here, a little accident there, “Eat your healthy food,” “Do you need help?” “Be careful with that.” “Let me give you some water.” Meanwhile, the staff try to munch their lunch. Just like at home, the only difference is that I only have one child. Every kid was acknowledged, even the quietest ones.  The meal went smoothly and as I left I realized how blessed we are having my daughter in TLC. When I pick her up late, there is always someone playing with her. Not watching but actually engaging with her, making her time pleasant. Aria make plans to play dinosaurs with her teacher and have her own special time.   

I have seen the affection and care that money cannot buy and I know that even when I am not present, my little one is loved and given discipline when needing it. Yesterday was the first day of school and I can only imagine how much planning and preparation that required. So many emotions, sadness, excitement, fear, stress etc.

Today, I want to thank you and the team for the hard work. For the hugs when my daughter is happy, sad or tired. For your patience when she throws a tantrum or gives you attitude. For giving of yourself 100%  even when you are tired. God bless you all.

Adriana Miller


I just wanted to say thank you and that TLC preschool is awesome. We’ve tried to go to church here and there before when Jacob was in a regular home daycare and it was always chaos. Yesterday we went to church and Jacob actually sat there and was behaving. He squirmed here and there but not like before. I’m assuming it’s because he’s around it at preschool and is taught how to behave at chapel. Thank you again. 

Melissa Jauregui

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Costume Day at TLC Preschool 2020.m4v

IT'S COSTUME DAY @ TLC Preschool 10/30/20

We had SOOO 

much fun!

TLC Preschool Supports Online Instruction for K-5th Grade Students

August 19 2020


TLC INTRODUCES 2 year old classroom

How do you make an award winning preschool even better?  You open a classroom designed specifically to serve the developmental needs of the younger toddler!  Trinity's TLC Preschool has done just that.  Places are still available--Call 520.836.2451 to register your child today!