Church Staff

Senior Pastor - Vacant

Deacon -Dennis Dirks

Deacon Dennis was born and raised in Wisconsin. He graduated with from Concordia University St. Paul with a BA in Elementary Education (with a concentration of math and science) in 1971. In 1982, he earned his Master’s degree in School Administration and Curriculum from Mankato State University. He served as a LCMS teacher for 8 years (Janesville, MN), and a LCMS principal for 32 years at Lutheran Schools in Minnesota and California (Sauk Rapids, MN; Wayzata, MN; Rochester, MN; Lancaster, CA; Livermore, CA). At the age of 60, he enrolled in the Cross Cultural Ministry seminary program working toward ordination and a Masters of Theology. (This program is a non-traditional approach where students serve as a vicar within their parish for four years while taking classes online during the school year and on-campus each summer.) This course of study was interrupted when the pastor left and Dennis “stepped in” to lead the congregation during an interim period. As a result, Dennis remains a few classes from graduation. Dennis and his wife, Lynn (also a LCMS elementary teacher) both “retired” in 2014 after serving in Livermore, CA for 15 years. They have been married for 43 years and moved to Maricopa to be closer to grandchildren. Dennis and Lynn have two adult children, Jonathan and Susan, and three grandchildren. Dennis enjoys woodworking, reading, and wine tasting.

Contemporary Music Ministry - Jay Vallee

Born in Idaho, and raised in the northwest US and western Canada, Jay was educated in Mathematics and Chemistry at Western Washington University and received his MDiv. from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. He has served in full-time ministry through a variety of capacities and pastoral roles since 2009, leading Children’s, Youth, Adult, and Music Ministries at Cascade Christian Center before relocating to Arizona at the end of 2018. Jay and Angela, now celebrating ten years of marriage, are blessed with three children, Seth, Noah, and Scarlett. Jay enjoys hiking, camping, hunting, and hockey along with having a passion for music, writing songs, and leading worship.

Office Manager - Ana Mollet

Ana Mollet is the church's Administrative Assistant. She attended Bible Baptist College in Springfield, MO studying business and education. She has also taken a few courses in computers and most recently received certification in Simultaneous Translation, English to Spanish and vice versa. Ana enjoys being able to communicate in her native tongue, Spanish. She's been married 20 years to her wonderful husband, John. They have three kids: Ben, Jerry & Kimmie. Ana enjoys being involved in church, teaching Jr. Church, and in helping in the AWANA program that teaches kids to know, love and serve God.

Business Manager/HR Administrator - Jerry Rieck

Jerry is a fellow Lutheran, that relocated to AZ from South Dakota. He is a CPA with extensive experience in public accounting, insurance accounting, banking, and finance, and has served other organizations and his church as treasurer in his previous location. Jerry holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and has completed several classes toward his Masters of Business Administration degree.

Public Relations Media Specialist - Naomi Walsworth

Naomi was born in Africa and spent much of her childhood in the Philippines. After more than 30 years in Alaska, she convinced her husband to move somewhere warm! She is a registered nurse, with 30+ years spent providing patient care, most recently managing the health services department of the Kenai Peninsula School District (the size of Kentucky), as well as providing education/training in a variety of health care settings. As a mom to four, she's volunteered in just about every capacity. She loves to cook and create new meals, and enjoys quilting, teaching Sunday school and singing in the church choir. She looks forward to creating new ways of sharing Trinity's vision and mission with Casa Grande and beyond!