Camp Directions

To get to the camp, take State Route 188 North from Globe/Miami for 14.5 miles to State Route 288 to Young, AZ. Take State Route 288 for 25.5 miles to Workman Creek. The milepost at Workman Creek is 284. Take the Workman Creek USFS road 487 for 1 mile to the camp. If you would like to drive up with the group, the confirmands will likely leave from church between 3:30-4:30pm, otherwise you may arrive as early as you like. The Lopez family is probably leaving around noon and is familiar with the camp. We need to leave the camp by noon on Sunday so we will not have a worship service. Food will be provided, and we'll ask for help with the cooking from the adults. You'll need to bring toiletries, clothes and bedding (sleeping bag and a pillow) and a camp chair if you want one. The camp runs on generator power and when the generator goes off and the sun goes down it is very dark, so you may want to bring a lantern for light in the cabin and a flashlight for getting around the camp at night. For other items you may want to bring, please refer to the camp checklist attached to Wednesday’s Ministry Update, or call the office and we can print a copy for you. (Obviously, you won't need the tent gear unless you plan on tent camping!) Pastor will send out a list of all who are going next week so that rides and carpooling situations with others who are going can be arranged. We are going to have so much fun, and there’s still room for more people! Remember to RSVP TODAY and we will see you there!

What It’s About

Confirmation is a two-year journey (four semesters) of spiritual growth where students have the opportunity to learn, own and express their faith, to the point of dependence on God. The goal is really two-fold: head knowledge and heart application. It is expected that during these two years of commitment, a student will trust fully in Christ as his or her Lord and Savior. The spiritual journey is the true purpose.

What We Do

We spend one year examining the books of the Bible and the second year looking at core Christian beliefs (Commandments, Creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, etc). Each night is a mixture of games, teaching, small group time, and relevant activities that emphasize the teaching points. Throughout the two-year journey, there are retreats and conferences designed to build community and grow students in the areas of evangelism, service, and discipleship. We hope you join us on this exciting journey!

Who Can Participate

Confirmation typically spans the 7th and 8th grade years, but we are open to other situations! If you have a child in grades 6th through 12th and would like them to participate please contact Pastor Chase at 520.836.2451 or To get the full confirmation experience, confirmands are asked to attend worship services at Trinity while they are in the program, however, membership is not required to participate.

Forms & Resources