Our Future

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Here's a preview of why we are excited about our future. We are growing and we want to share God's love with our community, but we need more room. Enjoy our very short clip and get excited about the work God is doing through Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool right here in Casa Grande.

We invite you to take a look at our videos (below) to learn more about Trinity Lutheran Church & TLC Preschool, and how we want to worship joyfully, grow spiritually, and serve our community. Learn about being generous and what that means to our church community. Then take a look at our vision for our future in Casa Grande. We hope you can see why we are excited about the future God has planned for us!!

Welcome to the Future of Trinity Lutheran Church & TLC Preschool's Kortsen Campus


7/2019 On June 12, 2019, our builder, along with John Smith and Robert Miller, both members of the Building Committee, met with members of the City of Casa Grande's Planning and Zoning Committee. At that meeting, it was determined to grant Trinity Lutheran Church & TLC Preschool the space it needs to continue moving forward with our current building plans, without having to make additional changes. More specifically, concerns over setbacks ultimately were worked out in our favor. Please thank, in addition to our gracious God, John Smith and Robert Miller for their tireless work ensuring our plans go forward!

5/16/2018 Pastor's letter to the congregation regarding our new building and a potential future name change.

2/27/2018 We have formally hired Capital R Construction, a local based company here in Casa Grande, to help us through the "schematic design phase." This phase is where the architect, civil engineer, and landscape architect put together the initial plans and designs to present to the city for approval and adherence to city codes and ordinances. This phase is expected to take roughly 6 months.


plus Campus Map which shows how the space would be utilized in the future to include both Phase I and Phase II Worship Center with parking, fields and activity areas, and Phase 3 Youth Center

2019 Individual Plans.pdf

Phase 1 - Preliminary Design

For the Early Childhood Center

  • 8 classrooms, each with their own Jack and Jill bathrooms

  • A 16 x 11 Resource Room

  • Two bathrooms accessible from inside the building as well as from the playground, a separate hand washing area, full size shower and a laundry room

  • And of course they will utilize the Worship Center during the week as needed

  • 4,000 sq ft playground concealed from the public eye

For our Worship & Fellowship

  • There is a 3,330 sq ft Worship Center that will seat between 300-320 people

  • A centralized (and mobile) Media Center, a cry room and another small room that may be used as a nursing room

  • There is a sacristy on the West end of the chancel/altar area (again labeled stage) as well as another room of equal size on the East end that will be utilized for all kinds of music equipment.

  • A Commercial Kitchen has also been included, along with a Fellowship Hall that is almost twice the size of our current one on our Pueblo Campus, plus a Lobby that is almost 2,000 sq ft!

  • Large bathrooms on East end

For our Daily Ministry Needs

  • There are 7 offices for staff use

  • A dedicated Workroom for copier, refrigerator, laminating machine, storage, etc

  • A large Conference Room

Additional Space

  • A nice Courtyard entrance to enjoy our beautiful weather and for aesthetics.

  • There is also a storage area for any chairs or tables that need to be stored from the Worship Center or the Fellowship Hall

  • A separate Data Communications room with it's own separate thermostat

Phase 2 - Preliminary Design

For our Worship & Fellowship

  • Very large seating capacity - 1000+

  • 1,960 sq ft Altar & Chancel Area

  • Professional Stage Lighting and Audio/Video Equipment

  • Dedicated Music Room

  • Sacristy

  • Large Bathroom facilities

  • Staffed Nursery & Unstaffed Nursing Room for Mothers

  • Large Storage area behind Chancel Area (840 sq ft)

  • Additional storage adjacent to Music Room

  • Extended Lobby from Phase 1

For Recreation & Athletics

  • A total of three Basketball/Volleyball/Dodgeball courts (1 full size, 2 smaller)

  • High Ceilings

  • Multi-Use Space

  • Air Conditioned Space

Additional Space

  • Three large storage areas (816 sq ft, 576 sq ft, 400 sq ft)

  • A Maintenance Warehouse with a large bay door

  • Outside paved, fenced and gated, storage yard for large equipment, sheds, trailers, etc

The Altar & Chancel Area

  • These images are an idea of how the "Chancel" area above might look and feel.

Fields & Courts

  • The fields and courts you can see in the site layout (the very first picture at the top of the page) are part of our vision for a sports ministry. We plan to host after school programs for elementary and middle school aged children as well as run adult leagues at night. With these facilities, we'll be able to have football, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, basically any sport you can think dream up!

  • Though the gymnasium is planned for Phase 2, the needs of the ministry will dictate whether the gym or the fields are built first.