Trinity Lutheran Church & TLC Preschool have created an endowment fund, planning for the future work that God will do through His Church right here in Casa Grande.

Endowment Funds are gifts that keep on giving, year after year after year! Endowments are funded through charitable and tax deductible donations from individuals, families, organizations, trusts, etc. Gifts typically include not only cash, but are often completed by gifts of real estate, appreciated stock, 401(k) or IRA accounts, life insurance proceeds, etc. On a long-term basis, endowments are typically funded by ongoing gifts using a process called "planned giving." To learn more about planned giving and how both immediate and planned gifts can be made, click here.

Trinity began its endowment fund with the Lutheran Foundation of Texas (LFOT) with an initial investment of $17,000. In time, Trinity will begin receiving annual distributions from the endowment year after year that can be used to fund missions and ministries including new programs, building repairs, or even planting new churches. For example, if over time our endowment fund grew to $1,000,000 and we received distributions at a rate of 5%, Trinity would receive $50,000 per year, every year, for use in serving God's Kingdom.

If you would like to make a donation toward this fund, please indicate your gift as designated for the "Endowment Fund" and make your check payable to Trinity Lutheran Church. If you would like more information, please contact our representative from Legacy Deo Lutheran Foundation of Texas:

Gary A Juhl, CFP®

Director of Planned Giving, Legacy Deo

7900 East Highway 290

Austin, Texas 78724-2499

Phone: 512.646.4909/Toll-free: 800.880.3733/Fax: 512.926.1006


You may also visit the Lutheran Foundation of Texas' website, www.legacydeo.org.