Kortsen Campus

Welcome to the Future of 
Trinity Lutheran Church & TLC Preschool's
Kortsen Campus

We have began to work informally with Capital R Construction, a local based company here in Casa Grande. We will be making more updates to this page in the next couple of days.
Dated 1-25-18

Below is the overall site layout. 
  • This area, approximately 4 acres, will be developed and landscaped in Phase 1 with the exception of the Phase 2 building, which will likely be utilized as parking until we are ready for Phase 2.
  • There will probably be some additional parking on the North side of Phase 1 which you are unable to see here. 
  • Scroll all the way down to see what the other 6 acres might look like when developed.

Phase 1 - Preliminary Design

For the Early Childhood Center
  • There are 8 classrooms, each with their own Jack and Jill bathrooms
  • A 16 x 11 Resource Room
  • Two bathrooms accessible from inside the building as well as from the playground, a separate hand washing area, full size shower and a laundry room
  • And of course they will utilize the Worship Center during the week as needed
  • 4,000 sq ft playground concealed from the public eye
For our Worship & Fellowship
  • There is a 3,330 sq ft Worship Center that will seat between 300-320 people
  • A centralized (and mobile) Media Center, a cry room and another small room that may be used as a nursing room
  • There is a sacristy on the West end of the chancel/altar area (again labeled stage) as well as another room of equal size on the East end that will be utilized for all kinds of music equipment.
  • A Commercial Kitchen has also been included, along with a Fellowship Hall that is almost twice the size of our current one on our Pueblo Campus, plus a Lobby that is almost 2,000 sq ft!
  • Large bathrooms on East end
For our Daily Ministry Needs
  • There are 7 offices for staff use
  • A dedicated Workroom for copier, refrigerator, laminating machine, storage, etc
  • A large Conference Room
Additional Space
  • A nice Courtyard entrance to enjoy our beautiful weather and for aesthetics. 
  • There is also a storage area for any chairs or tables that need to be stored from the Worship Center or the Fellowship Hall
  • A separate Data Communications room with it's own separate thermostat

Phase 2 - Preliminary Design

For our Worship & Fellowship
  • Very large seating capacity - 1000+
  • 1,960 sq ft Altar & Chancel Area
  • Professional Stage Lighting and Audio/Video Equipment
  • Dedicated Music Room
  • Sacristy
  • Large Bathroom facilities
  • Staffed Nursery & Unstaffed Nursing Room for Mothers
  • Large Storage area behind Chancel Area (840 sq ft)
  • Additional storage adjacent to Music Room
  • Extended Lobby from Phase 1

For Recreation & Athletics
  • A total of three Basketball/Volleyball/Dodgeball courts (1 full size, 2 smaller)
  • High Ceilings
  • Multi-Use Space
  • Air Conditioned Space
Additional Space
  • Three large storage areas (816 sq ft, 576 sq ft, 400 sq ft)
  • A Maintenance Warehouse with a large bay door
  • Outside paved, fenced and gated, storage yard for large equipment, sheds, trailers, etc

The Altar & Chancel Area
  • These images are an idea of how the "stage" area above might look and feel.

Fields & Courts
  • These two pictures show what the other approximately 6 acres might look like once developed.
  • They are in order from South to North, matching the letters in the bottom corners to each other (A to A and B to B). Don't forget to include the one at the top of this page if you are piecing them together.